Executive Training

What we do

BRG’s Executive Training Unit has an exceptional reputation for delivering a suite of training courses to suit our clients’ needs.

All our training is customised to ensure the desired outcomes of the individual client are met and we’re proud to have provided our services to a vast array of entities – from national and international businesses to local and central government.

Courses we offer

Media training

We offer both advanced and foundation training and our media training sessions comprise theoretical and practical components to put your newfound knowledge and confidence to the test.

Communications adviser training

We support communications staff to confidently and effectively do their jobs – from how to forge and maintain good relationships with the media to understanding the duty of communication and why it’s vital in a democracy.

Crisis management

BRG provides bespoke desktop and full-scale crisis management simulations and provides clients with the tools they will need to effectively manage a crisis.

Select Committee hearings

Fronting a select committee can be a daunting proposition so we help our clients know what to expect and feel more comfortable ahead of speaking and answering questions.

Presentation and speechmaking

Whether it’s making sure you’re taking people along with you on a change management journey or feeling more confident delivering an important speech, we can provide tailored coaching sessions to help you nail it.

Te Ao Māori

Not knowing what you don’t know can often make people feel nervous about interacting with Te Ao Māori – the Māori world.

BRG’s introductory course will improve your cultural competency and give you the knowledge you need to start your Te Ao Māori journey.